Bioenergy Systems Design and Construction

West Biofuels

Evolution of Biomass

West Biofuels revolutionizes the way value is harnessed from Biomass. 

Our technologies convert organic byproducts that would otherwise be considered waste into other forms such as fuels, chemicals, and power. 

Join our revolution to eliminate waste, create value, and strengthen local economies while working to lower our future carbon footprint.

Our Systems

Bio-Power Systems

Bio-Syngas Platform

Bio-Fuels Synthesis

Bio-Chemicals Synthesis

Biomass We Feed in Our Systems

Urban Wood Waste
Urban Green Waste
Almond Shell
Walnut Shell
Orchard Removal
Almond Sticks
Forest Wood Waste
Sawmill Byproduct
Grape Pomace
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More information on BioMAT at PG&E, SCE, SDG&E
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